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About Us

OxyTouch is a medical uniform brand based in Istanbul/Turkey. Launched in 09/05/2022 by Dr. Jude Aburdan, a general practitioner, influencer and an entrepreneur. The color of the brand is turquoise which refers in psychology to clarity, communication and creativity. The turquoise color had grown in popularity back in the 19th century because of the turquoise gemstones use in jewelry. It represents luxury and quality in whatever design it’s included in.

OxyTouch, [Oxy, comes from Oxytocin]. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone; in psychology it has been called "the cuddle hormone" or "the love hormone" due to its association with pair bonding. It appears to help reinforce the early attachment between mothers and their infants, as well as the bonds between romantic partners. [Touch] implies to the sensation which the fabric provides against the skin, soft, warm and fitted. And this is exactly why the name “OxyTouch” has been chosen, as it elaborates the meaning of love and softness in one word. Our scrubs are made of a touch of pure, natural love. Help us spread more Oxytocin to the entire world. Where there’s love, there will be absolute peace & health.